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News article about instagram today

General Eating Disorder chat 20 Mar 2019
Just watching BBC news... Apparently there is now "graphic content" that "glamorizes" eating disorders on Insta... Coverage on the news today acting like it's a new problem? I don't know why it bothers me so much... ... Maybe because they highlight what to search for? Or because they've ignor...
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Not raelly here... well only a little lol

Introductions 14 Mar 2019
Hi... id bbe very surpriised if anyone remmembers me (there doesn't really seemm to be maany follk aruond anyway! Lol). I haven't beenn here for aages...and when i waas here i was barely here. Whhich is prretty much the ccase now i guees. I wasn't going to poost an introduction (my typiing is a m...
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Thesis Help!

General chat 22 Jan 2019
Hi guys!   I finally went to uni-yah! I am taking a course about pop culture and 70% of our grade is an assignment that can be anything about pop culture- I find the really vague/open assignments a bit overwhelming. So, I am reaching out to all you smarties for suggestions! I'd like to do so...
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Valentine's Day

Relationships 22 Jan 2019
Love it, or hate it, it's coming up.   Anyone have any suggestions what I  could do for my husband (of 2 years)? We never do gifts or couple things, but I'd like to do something to say "thinking of you." We are living in different countries right now and it's pretty tough. We will be to...
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Recording suicide verdicts as cause of death in minors

News & Politics 21 Jan 2019
I'm more and more strongly feeling that young people and children perhaps to the age of 16 or 18 deaths should not be recorded as suicide.  I came across this story the other day of Pippa Mcmanus. It is so sad. At 15 she ran out in front of a train after a family argument and died. She suffe...
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