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Triggering Dreams

General Eating Disorder chat 16 Jan 2019
I always remember my dreams. They tend to be vivid and detailed. Sometimes they can follow me around like a thick fog the day after, especially if they are emotional in nature.   Last night I dreamt that I found myself in a dream where I was wearing short-shorts. My thighs were huge and fat....
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Where did everyone go?!

Introductions 15 Jan 2019
I was active years ago, under this name and another-maybe minime?   Logged back on recently-it's dead! I hope that means people have moved on to live healthy, fulfilling lives.   Anyways, back in the day I was I frequent poster in the what are you b/p'ing today, struggling with AN-BP an...
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Alcohol Free 2019 :)

Addictions 08 Jan 2019
Hoping to make positive steps in either limiting alcohol consumption or avoiding it all together in 2019. I know recovery isn't going to be perfect, but hopefully I'll be able to just take it day by day and pick myself up if I slip.   Being in hospital has given me a lot of free days, and a...
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Error appearing

Forum News 04 Jan 2019
Hello everyone, I haven't been on in a while, partially because I thought something was wrong with the site. I forgot my password and every time I tried to request a new one I would get this: The security code you supplied did not match the one displayed, a new code has been generated, please t...
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Movie Challenge: 2019

Games! 02 Jan 2019
A new year, a new thread. What are you watching in 2019??? 1) House MD: series 3
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