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Natalia Dyer

Celebrity Gossip 09 Oct 2018
Natalia Dyer plays the character "Nancy Wheeler" on the Netflix series Stranger Things.  She is extremely thin (as you can see in the pictures below), but prior to filming this series, she was quite slim but not nearly as severe.     Here is Natalia before:    ...
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Happiness and weight correlation?

General Eating Disorder chat 02 Jun 2018
Hi everyone, as I was responding to another post, I came up with a thought... Have any of you noticed a correlation between your happiness levels and your weight? It seems to me that "normal" people lose weight thinking it will make them happy, when the reality is that it doesn't. With ED people,...
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Introductions 28 May 2018
I happened upon here because I was exploring tapatalk. Uhm I’m not sure what to say in my introduction but here goes. I’m 20 years old, female, and I’ve just finished my second year of uni. I’ve been spending my time on mpa but I didn’t even know any other sites were still active. I guess I’m loo...
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13 Reasons Why

General chat 09 May 2018
I know that this board is almost dead, but I wanted to post something about this anyways.   I'm just wondering if anybody has: Read the book 13 Reasons Why Watched the Netflix series on it I'm also wondering what others think of it, and if anyone plans on watching season 2, which is to...
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Okay so

General 06 Apr 2018
I am not okay right now I am super suicidal I have taken some pills and I'm thinking if I die I die so yeah idk what to do Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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